What clients say

“I can’t imagine what our birth would have been without Lexi as our Doula.  She was a quiet and unwavering support who enabled a private and intimate experience for me and my husband, offering words of advice and calm only when needed.

Lexi provided a safe and calm experience for our delivery never faltering and guiding me to the slow and calm birth of my baby where she encouraged me to trust my body (no stitches required!).

Thank you Lexi!!!”.  Angela

“Lexi recently acted as our doula for the birth of our second child. My wife had quite a traumatic first birth compounded by breastfeeding difficulties that followed our son’s arrival.
Initially we sought Lexi’s help for breastfeeding but felt so comfortable with her and her lovely nature that we decided to use her as a doula in quite impromptu fashion. (I didn’t even know what a doula was when she first visited us)!
Consequently we had an amazing birth experience for our daughter, Lexi was superb and the birth was actually quite quick and very special. I would recommend Lexi without hesitation to anyone who might have questions or concerns relating to childbirth and breast-feeding, she’s an absolute gem”.  PaL (Dad)

“Lexi has been a complete wonder woman to me over the last few weeks.

My first encounter with her was at our home session with her before I had my little boy. The session gave us so much information about the importance of breast feeding and empowered me with knowledge that I would need to deal with my stay in hospital post birth.
1 week before my due date I found out I had polyhydramnios and that I would have to be induced. This wasnt what I was prepared for and as a result had a bit of a panic. My husband suggested we had Lexi as our doula and luckily she accepted.
Despite Jack being born on Christmas Morning, Lexi was still prepared to stay with me and even popped in to see us later on christmas evening.
Faced with the never ending pressure from the midwives regarding jacks inability to properly breastfeed, the first thing Lexi did was check for tongue tie. Jack only had 10% movement of his tongue and was immediately booked in to have it snipped. Something that would not have been picked up without her help.
Since being home Lexi has visited twice and has always checked in with me or my husband for updates on our progress.
I now have a very happy little boy.
You are a true life saver xxx”. Hannah

“Cannot recommend Lexi enough. After 7 weeks of Health Visitors and midwives saying my baby was feeding well but not putting on weight I visited Lexi, feeling so low and like a complete failure as a mum and very let down by the NHS services. She took one look at my baby feeding and diagnosed an issue straight away. From there she put me in touch with an amazing Osteopath and gave me a plan for getting back on track. Something I had asked a breastfeeding councillor who told me that was not their job!!!  She not only told me what to do but also supplied me with equipment to do this.
I wish I had gone to her weeks ago. Amazing woman”  Sonja

“I am so grateful to Lexi for her help. When she arrived at my house I thought my breast feeding was over. My baby had had his tongue tie cut the day before at 6 weeks and then couldn’t stay latched on for more than about a minute so we’d been having to bottle feed him since we left the tongue tie clinic and my supply was starting to decrease. Lexi completely turned it around for us in just one visit. I followed her advice on preserving my supply and had plenty of milk quite quickly and the tips and new feeding position she showed me led to him latching on brilliantly later that night, we’ve been going strong ever since! Don’t hesitate to call her if you need help, breast feeding my baby has become a real pleasure thanks to Lexi”  Katy

“I cannot praise Lexi enough for all the help she has given, to not only myself as an individual, but to our entire NCT group of mummies. She is so kind and generous with her support and has helped me no end with a string of breastfeeding issues. From tongue tie to mastitis, nothing is too much trouble for Lexi and her passion for helping others is what makes her so good at her job. She genuinely cares and wants the best for mum and baby so they are able to thrive. I thoroughly recommend Lexi to any mum who has any concerns / difficulties with breastfeeding as she is a miracle worker. Thank you Lexi for all the support you have given me xxx”  Alice

“This review is long overdue as Lexi helped us when our daughter was just a few weeks old & she is now 7 months! Still all these months on, I can’t thank Lexi enough for her help. Our daughter had a thick posterior tongue tie which was finally found at 3 weeks. We had it removed & was referred to Lexi as feeding was still incredibly difficult & we were at our wits end. We needed to find a way to breastfeed which worked & was comfortable for us both (my big boobs & weak arms didn’t help!). Lexi showed us a new position which worked wonders & allowed me to comfortably feed AND have a hand free when I needed it! She was so knowledgeable & reassuring, and made us see that we weren’t failures, just normal new parents desperate to do the best for our daughter. She was able to explain lots of things that we hadn’t been told before. It was great knowing Lexi was a phone call away! Before we met her we didn’t think we could make it to 12 weeks just breastfeeding, but as I said our daughter is 7 months now & still exclusively breast fed! Thank you Lexi xx”  Kate

“I made an appointment with Lexi after breast feeding my son for 4 days; my nipple pain was increasingly excruciating and my son was fast becoming dehydrated. I had experienced problems with my daughter in 2013 and switched to pumping and formula and really wanted to breast feed this time. Lexi made me feel instantly at ease, she’s very professional and knowledgeable but very kind and down to earth. Lexi diagnosed a posterior tongue tie and did everything she could to get us booked in for treatment asap. Her excellent suggestions helped me continue to breastfeed in face of huge adversity and pain. Where midwives told me I was doing it wrong as I couldn’t latch my son the way they wanted me to, I feel Lexi always has my interests at heart and her advice very impartial. Would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to but struggling with breast feeding before giving up totally. Thank you Lexi for all your help”  Angie

“After a traumatic birth, a lot of blood loss, a 5 night stay in hospital and my daughter’s tongue tie, breastfeeding didn’t get off to the best start! Lexi came to see my on day 7 after I had spent 48 hours bottle feeding with expressed milk and formula because my daughter had lost more than 10% of her birth weight. She found latching on so difficult and would scream and get very agitated. Lexi showed me an excellent position to hold my baby in to breastfeed and within minutes she latched on and was feeding really well. I’m writing this 24 hours later and we’ve had lots of successful feeds in the meantime. Lexi is kind, approachable, extremely knowledgeable and I really enjoyed chatting with her. I would highly recommend her and if I have any issues I would see her again in a heartbeat!”  Caroline

“We were desperate after 4 weeks of an inconsolable baby, very sore cracked nipples and recurring mastitis. Lexi came to our rescue and diagnosed our son’s tongue-tie in minutes, which our GP and countless NHS health professionals had missed. I thought the situation would improve dramatically after the procedure but due to the prolong time lapse my son’s suckle was weak and my milk supplies were depleted. Lexi supported us by working out a plan to suit our needs and she has revised it according to the changing circumstances. We are not out of the woods yet but Lexi continues to support us and that in itself gives me enough confidence to know I can master solely breast feeding our baby! A few words to sum up Lexi’s manner and approach are that she is practical, pragmatic, objective, supportive, empathetic and empowering. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, she is worth every penny!”   Fiona