Can you Hypnobirth & have an induction ..? Yes, you can!

Martha’s Birth …

At 28 weeks I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and was told I would have to be induced at 37 weeks.

Having had my daughter naturally and pretty much drama free 10 years before I was gutted that labour was going to be forced on to me and could inevitably end up in a C section if the induction failed. I attended a taster session of hypnobirthing with Lexi which gave me the thirst to want to learn more so my husband and I embarked on a 5 week course. 

Throughout the course I learnt many things that I can honestly say gave me valuable tools to give me the most incredible birthing experience I could have ever hoped for. 

Even though induction was the ultimate intervention in my eyes by the time the day came I was ready to go in and walk out with a baby that same day! 

I had practised all my breathing techniques, listened to my scripts, had my massage and was completely relaxed and in the zone by the time D-day arrived. 

I truly believe because I was so relaxed and ready my beautiful daughter arrived within 5 hours of my waters being broken. With only a little bit of gas and air (which I ended up tossing to one side as it was interfering with my visualisations of blowing my balloons up!)

I breathed my daughter out in the position I wanted to birth in and in the safe knowledge that my birth plan had been read and acknowledged. My ‘Hour of Power’ after was everything I wanted and there was nothing to recover from physically after apart from my heart doubling in size for the amount of love I have for my new baby daughter. 

Thank you Lexi for showing me the way and educating me on a whole new way of giving birth xx