Breastfeeding Support

‘Feather the Nest’

Three private visits, including unlimited phone & text support. Client can choose from:

1 x antenatal & 2 x postnatal visits or
3 x postnatal visits

Consistent, kind, evidence based support in your home.  A chance to unknit previous experiences, think about your preferences, explore your options around feeding your baby and establish a trusting relationship with someone, who can offer you consistent support once your baby is earthside.

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‘Postnatal Support’

Emergency help with breastfeeding difficulties; help with feeding following a traumatic birth; tongue tie assessment and referral for division if required; support post tongue tie division; supply issues; feeding multiples; surrogacy; and much more …

£70 per session, plus mileage at 25 pence p/mile (usually 1-1.5 hr)

‘Antenatal Support’

An opportunity to debrief and understand previous breastfeeding experiences or simply explore your options for your first baby. Kind, calm, skilled support to help you prepare to get things off to a great start.

£60 per session, plus mileage at 25 pence p/mile (usually 1.5 hr)