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Can you Hypnobirth & have an induction ..? Yes, you can!

Martha’s Birth …

At 28 weeks I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and was told I would have to be induced at 37 weeks.

Having had my daughter naturally and pretty much drama free 10 years before I was gutted that labour was going to be forced on to me and could inevitably end up in a C section if the induction failed. I attended a taster session of hypnobirthing with Lexi which gave me the thirst to want to learn more so my husband and I embarked on a 5 week course. 

Throughout the course I learnt many things that I can honestly say gave me valuable tools to give me the most incredible birthing experience I could have ever hoped for. 

Even though induction was the ultimate intervention in my eyes by the time the day came I was ready to go in and walk out with a baby that same day! 

I had practised all my breathing techniques, listened to my scripts, had my massage and was completely relaxed and in the zone by the time D-day arrived. 

I truly believe because I was so relaxed and ready my beautiful daughter arrived within 5 hours of my waters being broken. With only a little bit of gas and air (which I ended up tossing to one side as it was interfering with my visualisations of blowing my balloons up!)

I breathed my daughter out in the position I wanted to birth in and in the safe knowledge that my birth plan had been read and acknowledged. My ‘Hour of Power’ after was everything I wanted and there was nothing to recover from physically after apart from my heart doubling in size for the amount of love I have for my new baby daughter. 

Thank you Lexi for showing me the way and educating me on a whole new way of giving birth xx

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A story of self belief and the consistent support of a Doula – a lovely review x

The Birth of Baby Zach

“I first met Lexi just over two weeks before I was due to give birth to my third baby. I’d had 2 traumatic deliveries previously and was determined to have a lovely birth this time round, however was feeling very anxious! After posting on a local Facebook group for relaxation ideas (and a bit of help!)

Lexi got in contact and I’m so glad she did. She suggested a few ideas to help enforce the hypnobirthing that I’d already started at home and soon after speaking to her I was very interested in her doula service as an extra to help give me the birth that I was so desperate for.

From the moment she came to my house for a meeting I felt so at ease, she is so knowledgeable and instantly gave me the confidence and calm that I needed. Prior to my booked induction I attended some of the pregnancy relaxation classes Lexi holds and they really did help me focus on the end goal of holding my baby. Knowing that my birth would potentially be complicated I had a lot of fear and anxiety, however, Lexi gave me so much positivity and when induction day arrived I felt completely prepared and ready to face the journey.

During my labour Lexi really was incredible, she was so attentive and knew just what I needed even before I did. Any time I had a slight wobble when it wasn’t going to plan she kept me on track and focused on all the hard work and hypnobirthing I’d done to prepare and as a result I had the most incredible and empowering birth.

She gave me the confidence to believe in myself and I truly believe it would have been a completely different story had we not have met. Since the birth Lexi has continued to be a support with breastfeeding at her wonderful drop in sessions and other services offered at the Nest.

For anyone considering having Lexi as a doula, do it! My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner!

Thank you so much Lexi for everything, you really are amazing at what you do and we will be forever grateful .. xx”

The Birth of Baby Zach

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For immediate release:  24/5/17


The Nest, a dedicated resource for new and expectant parents, is set to open the doors of its new home in the heart of Redhill. The permanent venue will offer a safe and welcoming space where The Nest team and selected practitioners will offer services to families at every stage of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Among the many services available will be pregnancy relaxation, hypnobirthing and birth prep courses, breastfeeding support, support for mothers who have had c-sections, reflexology, osteopathy, massage, sensory classes, and many more. In addition, The Nest also run popular ‘Huddles’ – luxurious Mum and Baby Spa retreats at a private Spa in Horsham, West Sussex.

The Nest is celebrating its second year and is the heart and soul of breastfeeding specialist and local mum, Alexis Ozmen. Alexis is a qualified and experienced hypnobirthing teacher, breastfeeding counsellor and birth doula having worked as both an NCT practitioner for six years and, more recently, as an infant feeding coordinator for the NHS before setting up The Nest in 2015.

She said: “Since launching the Nest in 2015 I’ve been privileged enough to support around 200 mums in the local area. The services we offer have expanded dramatically and the interest has been incredible. Sourcing individual spaces for both our paid-for and free-to-attend community sessions was proving a challenge and I felt it was time to find a more permanent home for us. In time I hope to establish our new home as a safe haven for both new and expectant mums and a hub for the parenting community in East Surrey and beyond.”

The space will launch on 6th June and will offer free and paid-for sessions.


For more information go to: or

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Tel: 07711 638478