Hypnobirthing / Birth Prep Courses


Just finished a 4 week hypnobirthing course, it was fab! Have learnt so much and feel empowered to have a positive experience with Lexi by our side as our Doula! Thank you Lexi for changing some very scared parents-to-be into excited and positive people!

✨Fully comprehensive antenatal birth prep course designed to leave you feeling empowered, confident and looking forward to the birth of your baby.  Working with the Little Birth Company programme and resources …..

….. we look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses

Even if you’ve already booked or attended an alternative course, we are confident you’ll be glad you came.

During this course, you will grow in confidence and make friends along the way:

– labour, birth & the postnatal period
– complete Hypnobirthing training
– comfort strategies /pain relief
– deep relaxation & breathing tools
– induction of labour, due dates
– cesarean births
– back to back & breech babies
– optimising your experience within the maternity system
– immediate hours after birth
– highly informative breastfeeding session

You will receive a course material folder & mp3s to support your practice at home  …

✨the opportunity to explore your worries and concerns
✨gain knowledge and information to help you make the right decisions for your birth
✨learn techniques to help you have a calm and comfortable birth
✨get to know other expectant parents and forge new friendships
✨build a relationship of unconditional support with Lexi; an experienced facilitator, breastfeeding counsellor, birth Doula, student midwife and Hypnobirthing teacher …
✨become part of The Nest; offering support from the beginning of your pregnancy and beyond …




Whichever format you choose, the course content is the same; the differences will be in the pace of the course and the amount of tea breaks we have … 😉

4 Week Group Course:              £185

Private Course:                              £240

Two Day Intensive:                      £185

C Section Hypno Prep :              £100


* Please check the Facebook page for course dates *